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ronbailey replied to your post: I don’t mean to be a downer, but…

I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve gone from not supporting Obama’s re-election to where I now plan on actively working against it. His refusal to stand up for Anthony Weiner proved to me that he’s not actually interested in real change.

Seriously? You’re mad at the most powerful elected official in the world for not standing up for a 40-something married man who sent pictures of his dick to college students? In the 2008 election, Obama refused to have anyone in his campaign attack Sarah Palin on a personal level, because politics should be above that. To not “stand up” for Wiener is just an extension of that belief. By not getting involved, it says to me that Obama is interested in some form of “real change” — Democrat or Republican, if you do something stupid with your personal life, it’s up to you to fix it. Maybe the media and the opposing party will blow it out of proportion, but don’t look to the president just because he’s the leader of the party and just because you’re the poster-child of the left, because the president has bigger issues to tackle than your dick pic.