Tux Life

Sep 6

That last post wasn’t so much about Democrats vs. Republicans as it was about the current state of presidential politics. The Kennedy clan is the picture of entitlement in that arena. John Kerry was old money married to sorta new money. On the flipside, Reagan was very much a self-made man, which is probably why he had such crossover appeal and is such a hero of the party that for at least the last half-century has been an uncomfortable union of socially conservative (WASP) middle-classers and fiscally conservative rich (WASP) people. The thing that strikes me is how the populist message of the Republican party is so baldly selfish this year — “I Built That!” What the Democrats have done this week, and I predict it will be shown in the post-convention bump, is to appeal to the American sense that we are still all in it together. It’s been a really nasty campaign on both sides. Both candidates have historically low approval ratings. Anyone who’s been effected by the economy has probably already made up their minds. So maybe just saying “we” instead of “I” — reminding people that America is about all of us rather than about each of us, will truly be the difference in the swing states that will decide the election.