Tux Life

Sep 6

It occurred to me today that the past three Republican nominees for president were scions of some kind — Romney’s father was a respected, principled governor, McCain’s family had a multigenerational history of military leadership, Bush was the idiot son of an admirable yet bumbling son of a well-respected politician — while both Obama and Clinton have very similar claims to being, for all intents and purposes, self-made men. And yet, they are both quick to say that they did not achieve their great successes by themselves. Meanwhile, those who more clearly owe their success to some form of personal and/or cultural advantage — Romney often gets compared to his father if only to illustrate his shortcomings as a public servant and presidential candidate; McCain, setting aside his war heroism, was generally thought of as a shitty student coasting off his father and grandfather’s successes, Bush was a coke-sniffing dipshit — want you to believe that they did it themselves. Is that Freudian, or just ignorant?